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49ers, 49erFX and Nacra 17 in Greece to take on Euros

Written by 14th September 2021 European Championships, Featured-post, Team news


The 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 European Championships. From the 14-19 September the skiffs and flying cats will be in Thessaloniki, Greece, to crown the newest European champions.


Quite a few teams actually:


There are ten British teams in the fleet including the British Sailing Team’s Hawkins/Thomas, Robins/Batten, Taylor/Hawes and Grummett/Budden.


Four FX teams will represent GB: the BST’s Bristow/Carpenter, Fellows/Boniface and Brickwood/Orton are joined by youth sailors Keers/Chatterton.

Nacra 17

Just the two British entries in this fleet, but one is Tokyo 2020 silver medallist duo Gimson/Burnet. They are joined by teammates White/Urwin.


It’s the first major event for these three classes since Tokyo 2020. There’s a lot of Olympic athletes missing from the entry list but there are still big fleets as Paris 2024 is only three years away. It’s a well-known fact Gimson/Burnet love to sail and they have opted not to take a break and to capitalise on the run of form they have been in. It’s also the first opportunity for those targeting Paris 2024 to show what they have got with both British Olympic entries not yet returned to the water after their Enoshima exploits.


“We’ve had just over a month out of the Nacra now so we’re really excited to get back in the boat!

“In 2021 the only regatta we’ve done in the Nacra 17 is the Olympics so we decided to do the Europeans to give us some more racing experience.

“It’s also nice to support the class because it’s not been easy to organise competitions during the pandemic.” – Anna Burnet, Nacra 17


“It will be great to race again, and this time against the 2024 fleet. It’s the first opportunity of the cycle to prove yourself.

“It is very hot though, the conditions are tough and it will make for some hard racing.” – Rhos Hawes, 49er


“We love training but racing is the reason we do the sport so it’s great to be finally heading into our first major event in two years!

“We’re excited to see what the fleet is going to be like for the Paris cycle, and with the Games only three years away we are looking forward to the opportunity to hopefully put in a result early on.” – Hannah Bristow, 49erFX


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You will find the 49er and 49erFX results here and the Nacra 17 results here