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Dobson and Tidey remain defiant at top of the 49erFX

49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17 World Championships, Geelong , Australia 2020 © Jesus Renedo / Sailing Energy 14 September, 2017.

EVENT: 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 Worlds (10-15 February 2020)

VENUE: Geelong, Australia


  • First day of gold fleet racing for 49er and 49erFX
  • 49er gold fleet complete four races, 49er silver fleet and 49erFX three
  • Nacra 17 continue fleet racing with three races
  • Varied range of wind strengths throughout the day – from 4-18 knots
  • Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey (above) continue great form to stay top of the 49erFX with another set of top three finishes
  • Two seventh place finishes keep John Gimson and Anna Burnet (below) on the Nacra 17 podium sitting in second overall
  • Mixed fortunes for Dylan Fletcher and Stu Bithell with two thirds and two 17th place finishes to remain eighth overall
  • Jack Hawkins and Chris Thomas in 41st overall and Chris Taylor and Rhos Hawes 47th both racing in silver fleet
  • Racing streamed LIVE tomorrow on the British Sailing Team social media accounts

EVENT: Laser Worlds (11-16 February 2020)

VENUE: Sandringham, Melbourne, Australia


  • A steady SE 11-14 knots for racing
  • Michael Beckett in to 7th overall with a 3,4
  • Elliot Hanson remains 11th however uses his discard for a 14th place finish
  • A 5,8 helps Nick Thompson (below) creep up the leaderboard in to 19th
  • Lorenzo Chiavarini also up a few places to 32nd
  • All four make gold fleet for the remainder of the regatta
  • Sam Whaley (74th) and Jacob Farren-Price (97th) miss out on gold fleet despite moving up in the standings

49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17 World Championships, Geelong , Australia 2020 © Pedro Martinez / Sailing Energy 13 February, 2020.


Charlotte Dobson (33, Rhu, Scotland), 49erFX

“We had a really good day. More than we expected and more than we were aiming for so we are super happy. We seem to start really well and keep finding some space and managing to be fast enough to end up with three top threes.

“I don’t know what we are doing right to be honest. We have some pretty rigid processes we are going through and are quite relentless with them and so far we haven’t messed it up too badly so far.”

Anna Burnet (27, Shandon, Scotland), Nacra 17

“It was a pretty tricky day but we sailed really well. I wouldn’t say the results were the best and we didn’t have a lot of luck but in terms of the way we sailed we are really happy.

“The first race today was the worst result of our regatta but I don’t actually think we did anything wrong. It was just down to luck, there’s no decision we would have made differently with what we saw.”

Stu Bithell (33, Rochdale, Greater Manchester), 49er

“A mixed bag today. We had a bit of offshore, had sea breeze kick in, onshore towards the end of the day. And it showed in our results. Two solid results and two not so solid shall we say.”

Michael Beckett (25, Solva, Pembrokeshire), Laser

“So that’s a wrap on my qualifying series. We are half way through the regatta and pretty happy with it so far. Today was a hot day with a fresh thermal breeze. My legs are a bit tired and I’m pretty sunburned.

“I’m actually really looking forward to final series starting tomorrow, it’s going to be so intense with basically no gaps on the race course. I’m not quite sure what the weather has in store for us, but regardless I’m excited to get into it.”


Results for the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 Worlds will be published here

Results for the Laser Worlds will be published here