Gimson and Burnet strike on Europeans day four

Gimson and Burnet move up © Nick Dempsey/RYA


Fletcher and Bithell remain in 49er contention ©Nick Dempsey/RYA


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Stuart Bithell, 32, Rochdale, Greater Manchester (49er):
“We had a lovely breeze out there in the bay although it felt like someone had a switch on the windspeed, it was so up and down. We had a solid day with three counters so we’re happy. There are plenty of teams in this regatta who could win and there’s a long way to go yet so we’re just focused on our own racing at the minute. For now it’s head down and just go for it. The weather is going to get worse over the next few days and we said before the event that the rainier and colder it is the better for us! We hope the Spanish and Kiwi lads struggle with the proper British summer.”

Ben Saxton, 28, Cambridge (Nacra 17):
“We’ve had a pretty good week so far, we’ve been sailing well. We had a chance to move up a few places today – we were winning the first race – but then I jumped out the side of the boat on the last run which was a pretty stupid manoeuvre. We sailed well after that and came back with an 8, 5. We’ll look to move up over the next few days and keep doing our best.”

Hannah Bristow, 20, Macclesfield, Cheshire (49erFX):
“We had a great day – we were really consistent and we finished it off with a race win. That’s our first race win in an international fleet so we’re really happy. We hugged each other when we crossed the line, we were so happy. It was a nice feeling crossing the line in front. We’ve been improving every day so we’re just going to keep that going.”

Emily Covell, 19, Emsworth, Hants (49erFX):
“We have had a pretty difficult winter – we put in a lot of hours but we’ve struggled at events lately – so to come here and not only have consistent results but also a little race win gives us that extra confidence boost to show we’re on the right track. We’ve got two days left of racing so we’re going to focus on our processes. We’re not really focused on results, we’re just going to try to keep this momentum going.”