Niamh Harper

Date of birth: 10 August 2000
Birth place: Dundee, Scotland
Home town: Carnoustie, Scotland

Ross Thompson

Date of birth: 23 March 2000
Birth place: Godalming, Surrey
Home town: Godalming, Surrey

Niamh Harper and Ross Thompson love sailing, and sailing together. They love it so much they had to make a decision which could have impacted their sailing futures.

Harper graduated in to the 470 via 420s and Toppers – where she was a junior world champion.

Thompson started in the Optimist and moved in to the Laser 4.7 before switching to the two-person 420 and 470.

Sailing with different partners, circumstances brought them together where they had to make a decision whether or not to continue as a mixed sex team in a predominantly same sex class.

They enjoyed sailing together so much they choose to stick as a team and were rewarded with 420 National titles before moving in to the 470 – at a time when the two-person dinghy class is changing to a mixed gender format.