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Podium spots in six classes at Palma halfway mark

Written by 3rd April 2019 Featured-post


John Gimson and Anna Burnet jump to 2nd in the Nacra 17.

John Gimson and Anna Burnet jump to 2nd in the Nacra 17. ©Jesus Renedo/SAILING ENERGY/50th Trofeo Princesa Sofia Iberostar


  • Luke Patience, 32, Rhu, Scotland (470m):
    “It’s been a key day for us actually. We’ve been in the lighter range of winds for the last nine or 10 months and we’ve not found our feet very well. Today was a bit of a breakthrough day to win it when the wind is light. Historically we’re launched when it’s breezy and the lighter wind is our weakness, so we’re really happy, it’s a big step forward towards Tokyo 2020.”
  • Chris Grube, 34, Bala, Wales (470m):
    ​​​​​​​”We had a great day today – we won the day. We started off picking off some of the things that let us down yesterday. Our starts were one of those things and we did a great job today executing them. We’re starting to sharpen up in the light winds which is great, and bring it on when it gets windy!”
  • Anna Burnet, 26, Shandon, Scotland (Nacra 17):
    “We’re taking every race and every manoeuvre as they come. It’s taken a lot of focus – the races have been really tricky and you never really know which side of the race course is going to come in. We’ve just been trying to do all the details well. Our goal is to perform our best. We’re looking for a good result from this regatta and we can do that if we’re at our best.”
  • John Gimson, 36, Congleton, Cheshire (Nacra 17):
    “It’s been a tricky start to the event – the wind hasn’t been very consistent so we’ve just been trying to chip away and get some counters. We’ve just got to keep doing what we’ve been doing and keep grinding away. You’ve got to make the best of trying to win your side of the race course. Do it well and you’ll get to the top mark in the top three, do it badly and you won’t be in the top ten.”
  • Georgina Povall, 24, Epsom, Surrey (Laser Radial):
    “It was a bit lighter than expected. I didn’t have a great first race but got an ok result in the end, but finished second in the next race. I was actually leading round the top mark but panicked a bit and lost a place. It’s so important to get off the start line cleanly here – if you don’t you’re stuffed. My plan is to stay consistent – everyone’s going to be getting big scores so consistent results will lead to a decent result overall.”

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Luke Patience and Chris Grube excelled on day 3.

Luke Patience and Chris Grube excelled on day 3.
©Pedro Martinez/SAILING ENERGY/50th Trofeo Princesa Sofia Iberostar