Saxton and Boniface master tricky day 5 as Euros heats up

Ben Saxton and Nikki Boniface. © Nick Dempsey


James Peters and Fynn Sterritt. © Nick Dempsey


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  • Anna Burnet, 26, Shandon, Scotland (Nacra 17):
    “It was a really different day to the rest of the week – we were inside the harbour and it was really shifty. We got pretty unlucky in the first race – we got a massive clump of weed on the board and couldn’t get it off in time. It was a bit of a disaster but we pulled through, kept fighting and got a third in the final race of the day. It’s a really long event and we’re taking every day as it comes.”
  • Nikki Boniface, 25, Eastbourne, East Sussex (Nacra 17):
    “We had a better day than yesterday. Inside the harbour we were doing three laps instead of two, so it was all a bit faster, closer and shiftier so it was all quite exciting. Today was all about finding the pressure on the water.”