Steady Scott in Finn top ten

Written by 16th December 2019 Featured-post, World Championships

EVENT: Finn Gold Cup (16-21 December)

VENUE: Melbourne, Australia


  • Giles Scott finishes 16th and 6th in two day one races
  • Scott sits tenth overall
  • Henry Wetherell (pictured below) 27th and Ed Wright 34th overall


All results will be published here


Giles Scott, 32, Huntingdon, Cambs:

“It was pretty shifty today. Looking back at my results they were alright considering where I was in the fleet rounding the top marks. Hopefully I’ve got the calamities out the way now for the week. So, to sum up my results today – nothing to write home about.

“I’ve been training here for a while and the sea breeze seems to be unpredictable, as it always is this time of year here. It’s not an easy way to race. But probably the biggest thing for me personally is to get my head around racing in big fleets again.

“Looking ahead, it’s potentially going to be a three-race day tomorrow, so going to be a big one. Then in the days beyond that there is supposed to be some proper heat coming – around the forty mark.

“In Enoshima (Japan) it was hot, but this is very different heat. There’s not really any humidity to go along with the heat and the water is actually pretty cool here so you get some respite.”

2019 Finn Gold Cup – Melbourne, Australia