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Policies & code of conduct 

Access the following BST policies


RYA Racing Programme Disciplinary Policy


This policy is designed to ensure consistency and fair treatment of disciplinary situations and to encourage Participants to maintain appropriate standards of conduct. This policy applies to members of:

  • The British Sailing Team and British Sailing Squad
  • British Youth Sailing, parents and supporters
  • Other programmes administered by the RYA Racing Department


RYA Racing Programme Grievance Policy


This policy is designed to help deal with grievances involving Participants in RYA racing programmes. This policy applies to:

  • Sailors participating in an RYA racing programme
  • Parents of sailors participating in an RYA racing programme
  • Individuals other than RYA staff members providing services to the RYA racing department


RYA Racing Selection Appeals Policy


This policy sets out the appeals policy for sailor event selection or deselection and applies to:

  • Sailor event selection or deselection following:
    • The selection process used for nomination of the UK Olympic or Paralympic Games Sailing Team to the BOA or BPA.
    • The selection process for the World Sailing Youth Sailing World Championships.
    • Any other event that specifically refers to the RYA Racing Department Selection Appeals Policy in the notice of race or notice of selection.
  • Selection of a sailor into, or deselection from one of the RYA’s Racing Squads.


BST Code Of Conduct


Details the behaviours expected of everyone involved in the British sailing team. The values of the British sailing team aim to promote a safe and enjoyable environment. Any breach of this policy will trigger the relevant disciplinary policy.